30 Minutes in the Life. Gloucester Beach, Massachusetts.

Hi friends, 

It has been a while since I have posted here. 

I have had few where taking photos wasn't that exciting anymore, so I worked on back log of photos I had sitting on my hard disks.  I read some books and hoped I would feel like taking photos again.  

I heard someone say, and I think it was Nikki Boon ( she is a Kiwi documentary photographer), say that even when you re not shooting you are still growing.  and it stuck with me, and I am here to prove that it was right. 

On Monday we had muggy hot humid day, as we get them in New England and at 2pm we jump din the car and headed to the beach.  We got stuck in Boston traffic, and made it to the beach at 4:30, when everyone was leaving, when it colder and when the clouds started rolling in.  Ideal photography conditions.  I had  great time taking phots and loved to many of that day.

I used some new gear, a Mitakon 35mm F0.95 that focusses only manually, I shot all of these at F0,95, and the manual focus was so fun and freeing.  I actually felt so much more in control.  at the same time I am not perfectionist, I think imperfection ca be perfect. 

I'll stop chatting now and share some images, please make sure you follow this blog circle around by clicking on Sharleen's blogpost who will also be sharing 30 minutes in her life.  
PS: this was actually bit more than 30 minutes.  sorry.